Following the company’s development, we decided to share what we have and what we’ve achieved so far, which is why in 2014 ‘FORMIKA FOR CHILDREN’ FOUNDATION was created.


Its main aim is to offer support for children, teenagers and their families who suffer personal and economic hardship. However, we help wisely: we want to give them equal opportunities and prepare for adult life so that in the future they can cope on their own. The Foundation also supports such organisation units as: orphanages, single mother homes, social welfare homes, schools and kindergartens.

During the 7 years of the Foundation's activity:

Holiday trips for 738 children

More than 738 children benefited from summer, winter and school trips, summer camps and day camps financed in part or in whole by the Foundation. The Foundation finances the holidays of children and youth from families with low material status, foster families, orphanages, community day care centers, church organizations.

Co-financing of school lunches for 638 children from schools in Bieszczady

A total of 638 children from schools in Bieszczady received funding from us for school lunches.

Additional classes for over 493 children

Thanks to our support, more than 493 children, both younger and older, have taken part in various types of additional activities such as: English, art, singing lessons, piano lessons, tennis classes, chess, re-education, psychological therapy, speech therapy, sensory integration, social skills training, judo, dance classes.

School starter kits for 155 children

We have given school starter kits in the form of school supplies, backpacks or textbooks to 155 children.

22 renovation and modernization projects

The Foundation has carried out 22 renovation and modernization projects by financing construction works and interior furnishings in whole or in part:

  • Modernization of children's rooms in a children’s home in Płock
  • Painting rooms in the Single Mother's House in Warsaw
  • Bathroom renovation in a children’s home in Warsaw
  • Modernization and renovation of a large family home in the Klembów municipality
  • Modernization and renovation of a large family home in the Brwinów municipality
  • Replacement of windows in a large family home in Gdańsk
  • Bathroom renovation in a family house in the Klembów municipality
  • Co-financing of the renovation of a public kindergarten in Wieruszów
  • Co-financing of the modernization of the community day care center for children in Brwinów
  • Co-financing of the modernization of a family children’s home in Gniew
  • Co-financing of the modernization and reconstruction of the “Iskierki” Family Children’s Home in Chojnice
  • Reconstruction and modernization of a foster family home, acting as an emergency care center for children from Jasło
  • Renovation of the dining room in the Special School and Educational Centre in Baczków
  • Painting rooms in Children’s Home no. 1 in Warsaw, furniture replacement
  • Renovation and modernization of a single-family house for a family from Ostrówek
  • Renovation of an apartment for a foster family from the Wałbrzych area
  • Co-financing for the construction of a kindergarten in Jarosław
  • Co-financing for the modernization of the attic for a foster family
  • Renovation of an apartment for a single mother with a child in Zabrze
  • Renovation and furnishing of a flat for a single mother with a child in Brwinów
  • Co-financing for the renovation of an apartment for a family in need from the vicinity of Kościerzyna

Material support for more than 112 families with many children

More than 112 families with many children in a difficult financial or life situation received help from the Foundation in the form of: purchase of food, household chemistry, household appliances, winter fuel, clothing and shoes for children.

Support for young athletes

In addition to the above aid projects, the Foundation supports young athletes - football players, swimmers, basketball players - by helping to finance, among other things, the purchase of necessary sports equipment, trips to camps and tournaments. For the last five years we have been supporting a great football initiative for children from childcare centers - the National Football Tournament “FUTBOLOVE TUMY” in Płock.

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