We are happy to announce that we introduced two new Eco tubes which meet EU design standards:


- high-quality HDPE  tubes (high-density polyethylene) closed by an HDPE screw cap or flip-top. Together they form a mono-material packaging with up to 45% less plastic in the tube body! Tubes are suitable for PE recycling streams.

HDPE is a material known for excellent elastic properties, suitable for many products like cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams and balms.

- green PE tubes - it is made from high-quality bio-based renewable polyethylene (PE), mainly based on sugar cane material from Brazil.

Sugar cane is declared to be one of the greatest carbon sinks, metabolizing CO2 during growth. Laminate is I’m green certified.


These tubes fit perfectly into Formika’s Sustainable Development strategy.

Meet your sustainability goals with Formika!