The quality in our company is based on the following points:

Client relations – the Board and the company’s staff strive for establishing transparent rules of co-operation with the client, understood as meeting promises, unquestionable timely deliveries, customised and professional approach towards every single client, including the minor one.
People – a constant pursuit for excellence by Formika’s employees is a crucial quality-related goal. The Board is well aware that the company’s success relies first of all upon its people. Caring for their employees’ continuous training and skills upgrading, the management’s intent is to introduce the client to a team of professionals, who not only will timely provide quality goods, but also an ideal attitude towards him.
Technologies and innovations – permanent investments into technological progress and management system assure sufficient production capacities to meet the deadlines. The quality management system development aims at a systematic functioning of the company, thanks to which any processes of product, information and resources flow, widely speaking, are seamless and allow for a quick response to meet the client’s demands. Ceaseless work of our technologist and systematic maintenance and upgrading of the machine fleet makes stable expanding of our offer easily feasible.

Certficate of integrated management system

BRC/IoP Global Standard



Flat lid Neotec ®


Job offers

  • Printing Machine Operator
  • Cutting Machine Operator
  • Re-reeling Machine Operator
  • Assistant Printer

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New plant already running
New plant already running

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